Meet Our Team

Frank Meehan

Co-founder/ Head of Product

Frank is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Cofounder of SparkLabs Ventures Group, invested in 240+ companies across the US, Asia, and Europe. Previous Frank was on the boards of Spotify, Siri, Summly. Frank is visionary and great to develop strategies to solve big problems.

Angel Ho

Co-founder/ Creative Director

Angel is a three times cofounder in Taiwan and NYC. Previously she Cofounded Hahow, the most popular education platform in Taiwan. She graduated with Industrial Design and Business Management Major in the US and UK. She loves to build teams and bring them to global. 

Eric Schmitt

Technical Lead

Eric has great experience in leading technical teams across the globe. Previously he was leading a tech team with 30 people over Taiwan, HK, and the US. He went to the University of Colorado and went to the best university in Taiwan for a Master's in Ecology. He loves a great pint after work.

Dennis Shen

Backend Developer

Dennis graduated in Mathematics from the top University in Taiwan. Previously he was in cryptocurrency and run entire backend software development. He is professional in gymnastics and loves to read and different challenges. He is also passionate about scuba diving and sports.

Louis Hsiao

Frontend Developer

Louis is our front-end genius. He graduated with Information Management from the top University in Taiwan. He is a fast learner and passionate to create products that can change the world. Louis was also a volleyball captain and our hiking expert.

Alex Hsieh

Frontend Developer Intern

Alex is majoring in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. He is very interested in full-stack development and Computer Vision/Machine Learning. He loves to code and most of his classmates relied on him for projects. He was the president of a beatbox club and love to sing during work.

David Chen

Backend Developer Intern

David is getting his Masters in Electrical Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He graduated with Communication Engineering from the top University in Taiwan. David is a very talented engineer and dedicated to solving hard problems. He also loves music and different sports.

Advisors & Partners

Neil Yeoh

Founder of OnePointFive. Former Climate & Environment Impact Advisor at the World Economic Forum. Yale graduated.

Tobias Martetschlaeger

Founder of Global Changer. Serial entrepreneur and active between corporates, government and startups in Germany. 

Ben Horton

Director at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. Chair of Asian School of the Environment in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).



Former Head of Business Development at Seatankers. More than 25 years experience in maritime.

Adine Grate

Former boards of and investor of AB, Sky, Swedia and 3 Scandinavia. 

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