Make your company more sustainable

Carbon Footprint Starter

Discover insights with data analytics

Measure and monitor your carbon footprint (GHG)

Your carbon reports can be automatically generate by your latest metrics and calculations.

GHG Scope 1, 2 and employee travel

One full year data of automate and measure your carbon footprint by Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Includes your company’s direct emissions, business travel and employee computing that are Fully auditable.

Track key metrics and goals on dashboards

Create up to five charts to track, share and report your key metrics.

Discover insights across your company’s carbon footprint with our analytics and benchmarking tools.

Create carbon footprint accounting reports

Our ecosystem of technology solutions, carbon offset/capture, and partners help to reduce your carbon impact. 

Set and manage carbon reduction targets

Sustainability Enterprise

Simulations - Scenario Planning

Customize your supply chain measurement and reporting

All the professional features, plus:

Create customized reporting frameworks and metrics for your procurement and supply chain teams to manage, measure and track supplier sustainability metrics according to your requirements.

Materiality Assessment and Product Life-Cycle Analysis

Specialist materiality assessments, and life cycle analysis across your company and supply chain.

You can plan and simulate your operations and supply chain impact and run different scenarios for carbon footprint reductions, plus other sustainability targets.

Customization for larger companies. Get in touch with us now and we can craft the right solution for your companies.

TCFD Financial and Risk Modeling

Customized risk and financial modeling for sustainability and climate impact analysis. 

Sustainability Professional

Full Scope 3 GHG Measurement and Accounting 

Unlimited data and analytics charts

All features is the Starter Package, plus:

Analyze and benchmark company and supplier performance with unlimited analytics.

Full sustainability measurement and management

Add up to an unlimited number of subsidiaries or suppliers.

100% Scope 3 carbon emissions accounting and reporting to measure your indirect carbon footprint.

Set company sustainability targets

Based on a wide range of metrics created with key industry associations. Work with our partners and team on reduction plans.

Data and Media Rich Reports

Create full sustainability reports that can automatically generate by your latest metrics and calculations.


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