Make an impact on our world. Join our global team.

Be part of our mission to help companies become sustainable leaders, and improve their impact on our plant.


Work at Equilibrium 

At Equilibrium, we value the pursuit of something greater than yourself. You not only need to have the hunger and passion to learn, but also the drive to assist your teammates in solving the challenging problems facing our customers as they look to harness the power of data and AI to become more sustainable.

You will also be part of, of which Equilibrium is a wholly owned subsidiary. FiscalNote is a global technology company, with over 800 employees and 3000+ enterprise customers. FiscalNote is the leading company providing technology solutions to the legal, policy and regulatory sectors.

Working and thriving

We want people to thrive at Equilibrium; we believe that you do your best work when you feel your best. As a fully distributed workforce, we support remote roles, office-free onboarding and working practices that suit new realities, responsibilities and schedules. We use Slack to its fullest to connect and work together from anywhere.

 Our culture

We operate with the mentality of mutual trust for all of our projects. Clear communication and transparency are heavily emphasized to build relationships and foster trust amongst everyone on our team. We have a flat team structure, and we expect everyone to speak up and take ownership no matter how big or small a decision is.

Career opportunities 

Enterprise Account Executive


Sales Development Representative


Climate Strategy Manager