Manage your carbon footprint and hit your targets.

Our team of specialists and developers help companies and investors set their carbon footprint targets, decide reporting frameworks, connect and structure their data across subsidiaries and suppliers, and automate those targets with continual improvements and solution suggestions via our platform and APIs.

Automated Carbon Footprint Management

Smart data sourcing

Equilibrium identifies the data required for your carbon reduction/neutral targets. We then help you integrate and automate data from your subsidiaries and suppliers, matching to your datasets.

Measure and calculate your metrics

We automatically calculate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) metrics, using internationally recognised datasets and inventories, aligned to ISO 14000/14001 and based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Scope 1, 2 and 3 by WRI (the main internationally used standard in carbon footprinting).

Set and automate your goals

Use our goals management tools to set a wide range of goals, from overall carbon emissions, to specific industry metrics like EEDI for Maritime as per customer requests. Continuous management with our ecosystem integration identifies new solutions and opportunities for lower costs and better efficiencies.

Offset integration

Equilibrium seamlessly compensates your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits  from verified low cost, impactful, carbon removal projects, including carbon offset and capture technologies.

Dashboard visualizations

Integrate with APIs

We designed a user-friendly platform that breaks down your data and generates powerful visualisations, enabling sustainability teams to identify opportunities for improvement and effectively engage stakeholders

Integrate our carbon footprint management engine into your own operational software and management tools using our powerful APIs. Or build your own carbon positive solutions with our APIs.

Supplier (Scope 3) Engagement

Suppliers have their own secure accounts, giving suppliers comfort that they do not need to share their underlying asset data, only the key metrics calculated by Equilibrium. This allows you to automatically collect the metrics you need from your suppliers, improving the accuracy of your Scope 3 Carbon accounting.

Verification by DNV-GL

Carbon accounting reporting

We partner with DNV-GL, the global leader for certification and quality assurance, to verify your carbon footprint data and metrics, adding a stronger level of data verification for auditing and accounting.

Automatically create auditable reports for key frameworks such as CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD. Our tools enable you to create a ready to publish full sustainability report as well, with images, charts, tables and more.